Educational and methodical association on the “Service” profile at the Almaty State College of Service and Technology under the ULO plan from December 19-21 with the support of the Almaty Department of Education held a republican contest of fashion designers, hairdressers-stylists “Magic of Style”


The competition was held in two specialties:

  1. Sewing production and modeling of clothes;
  2. Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics


The main objectives of the competition are:

  1. The search for young talented fashion designers, stylists who will create fashionable, creative collections of clothes, as well as fashionable, beautiful hairstyles;
  2. Development of creative potential and aesthetic level of students;
  3. Development of fantasy and non-traditional approaches in the field of clothing design, hairstyle design;
  4. Exchange of experience, support for creatively working teachers in the profiles of "design, design and modeling of clothing" and "hairdressing".
  5. Increasing the competitiveness of Kazakhstani specialists based on the implementation of WorldSkills international standards

In total, 15 colleges participated in the competition.

  1. Almaty State College of Service and Technology
  2. Kaskelen Vocational and Technical College named after Sanjar Zhandosov
  3. ATU Technological economics colleges
  4. KSU "Balkhash Service College"
  5. Eurasian College of Technology
  6. Karaganda College of Technology and Service
  7. South Kazakhstan Economics and Technology College "Miras"
  8. Almaty State College of New Technologies
  9. College ADT "Symbat"
  10. Almaty College of Fashion and Design
  11. LLP "Educational Organization College" Perspective "
  12. "Almaty College of Technology and Floristics"
  13. College of innovative technology in service and nutrition
  14. Taraz State College of Service
  15. Almaty College of Passenger Transport and Technology

Participants on the competence of "Hairdressing" - 75 people

Participants on the competence of "Clothing Design" - 36 people.